IVST is up 700% since January 1st, 2018

IVST is up 700% since January 1st, 2018; from $0.023 on zero revenue to 0.1611 on $34 million revenue.


Added $34 Million sales in 2018

IVST added $34 million sales run rate in 2018 through growth model of acquisitions.


Pending Acquisition to add $4.2 Million in Revenue

LOI on Pending Acquisition to add $4.2 Million in revenue. CEO calls it "business as usual".


11.8M Shares in the Float

11.8M shares in the Float, unchanged for over two years.


No Convertible Debts, Warrants, or Options

IVST has no convertible debts, warrants, or options.

IVST announced a LOI to acquire a $4.2 million revenue generating building materials retail supplier in 2019. Announcement Pending!
IVST is a rare high growth opportunity, with rapidly growing revenue, valuable intellectual property, VERY few shares available, and ZERO debt.
Management has disclosed plans to list IVST on the Nasdaq or NYSE as soon as possible, based on it's current trajectory which includes stock price increases of 700% since January 1st, 2018.
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