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Since announcing our plans in late-2017 and with the progress made in 2018, we built a significant business foundation, which we feel is highly scalable. The business plan we introduced last year, and expanded upon over the past twelve months, is a transactional approach to value creation for the Company: acquiring businesses, integrating them, and growing them with the latest techniques and in a synergistic way. As a public company, this provides our shareholders the benefit of quickly growing revenue in a liquid ownership environment. This is precisely what we achieved in 2018:

  • Seven transactions integrated into three operating divisions.
  • Our earliest companies immediately realized significant organic sales growth as a result of major sales contracts with large clients.
  • 2018 actual audited results are expected to be $7.9 million revenue with a net loss of $1.3 million. 2018 pro-forma (assuming all acquisitions had taken place 1/1/2018) was $39 million revenue with a net loss of $1.5 million. The net loss in 2018 was primarily the result of initial costs incurred that would not ordinarily be experienced by similarly sized, mature operations. We expect to file and announce our full year 2018 audited results on time.
  • Entering 2019 with newly acquired operations, a significant component of our revenue is currently stable but low-margin. We will focus our infrastructure and strategic efforts on positioning our most profitable business units to grow. We expect results of these efforts to begin in 2019 and be materially impactful to 2020 revenue and profit.
  • 2019 forecast is $50 million revenue from current operations, and a net income of $0.4 million. Additional acquisitions would add significantly to this forecast.
  • We are scaling toward an aggressive three-year plan featuring significant revenue and net income.

We prioritize the creation of shareholder value. Our most recently reported revenue for Q3 2018 was a fraction of our current revenue rate, as our most significant acquisitions just closed over the past two months. Last year in our annual letter, we also predicted “high valuation objectives, in contrast to a private ownership structure,” if we were successful. This concept also proved to be correct in 2018 based solely on the limited revenue reported to date:

  • We had an increase in our stock price of 1,816% in 2018. (We opened 2018 January 2nd 2018 at a price per share (PPS) of $0.025, and closed December 31, 2018 at $0.479);
  • We had an increase in our market capitalization value of 4,307% in 2018. (We opened January 2nd with a market cap of $1.55 million and closed December with a market cap of $66.1 million).
  • We view our ability to grow both our market cap, and our PPS, as a validation of our business model. The increases are a result of efficient strategies employed in both capital formation, and acquisition deal structures.
  • We view our net loss in 2018 of $1.3 million as the investment required to execute our business plan, which resulted in a net increase in shareholder value of $64.5 million; a return of over 4,800%.
  • We plan to continue investments in growth, infrastructure, and efficiencies that result in increased shareholder value. And we expect an incremental decline in losses, followed by gains, and resulting in significant net income as our three-year plan in executed.

Our overall business strategy in 2019 is to pursue larger accretive acquisitions, grow our existing divisions, and streamline operations. This includes establishing a shared services group to centralize functions common to all business units, optimizing our banking and institutional relationships, and focusing on internal best practices through our “Source of Strength Doctrine.”

Our acquisition strategy pursues healthy businesses with good people and a growth plan. We do not do “turnarounds” due to their inherent risks, and their unique and extensive requirements. We are very happy with our current industry verticals. We are pursuing an automotive division, and we may enter additional industries, but only if the opportunities are meaningful and will not detract from our focus on growing what we have.

We will add to our executive team, to ensure we successfully manage the complexities of a high growth organization and stay “ahead of the curve”. Additions will immediately be useful in finalizing uplist and registration objectives. These objectives remain in process, but were briefly eclipsed by our small team needing to focus on the significant opportunities we had to grow the company through two major acquisitions in Q4 2018.

Overall, our team is thrilled with where we are. There was a lot of hard work, some scary moments, and not everything always went according to plan. But we have a committed group of great people, who rallied around the mission, did their best, stayed focused, trusted each other, and ultimately achieved more than was thought possible one year ago.

We are extremely thankful not only to our team for their efforts, but also to our shareholders for giving us the opportunity and for your support, encouragement, patience, and enthusiasm. We could not have done these things without you. We look forward to continued progress in 2019, so please stay tuned and again, thank you for your support.

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