Commercial & Industrial

Innovest Global's Commercial & Industrial Division is made of a group of companies which provide best-in class products and services to the commercial and industrial market.

Guidance Today for a Brighter Tommorrow.

Shepherd Energy Solutions (SES) is an innovative energy services company that offers a unique approach to reducing businesses overall energy costs. For more than 20 years SES and its Principals have saved thousands of customers money by lowering their costs on their current energy consumption as well as significantly reducing the amount of energy they consume.

Shepherd Energy Solutions
8456 E Washington St, 2nd Floor
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
The new LED lights in our warehouse have made a huge difference in the quality and brightness of light. The improvement in lighting is only overshadowed by the significant reduction in our electric bill.
Carl R. Meermans VP of Operations – Enerco Group, Inc.

Ohio's First Independent Energy Broker

H. P. Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1984 as an engineering and general contracting company specializing in the reconstruction of industrial furnaces and ovens. Efficiency and/or productivity increases using less energy were our project goals. In 1993, the company became Ohio's first independent energy broker. Now, 25 years after pioneering the deregulated energy sales profession, the company is taking a page out of its history and providing more diversified energy services and programs by assisting clients become more prudent in their use of energy.

H.P. Technologies, Inc.
5505 Detroit Rd., Suite E
Sheffield Village, OH 44054

Your leading supplier of personal protection equipment, apparel and safety supplies, from head to toe!

Chagrin Safety Supply, Inc. is the leading supplier of personal protection equipment and apparel from head to toe. Serving the Medical, Dental, Industrial and Construction Industries.

Chagrin Safety Supply
8227 E Washington St
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
I would recommend Chagrin Safety Supply to anyone who is serious about implementing an effective, no-hassle first-aid supply program.
Robert T. Liott, Manager, Occupational Safety & Risk Control Services University Hospitals Health System

Inbound and Outbound Call Services

Contact Source Solutions offers inbound and outbound call services. We customize every project to your needs and don’t try and fit your project into a standard call center set up. In 2015 we were awarded the JD Power “Outstanding Customer Service” award for one of our clients.

Contact Source Solutions, LLC
8456 E Washington St, 2nd Floor
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023