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Biotech & Health Services

The overall objective of Innovest Global’s Biotechnology and Health Services is to acquire unique operating, and cutting-edge technology companies in the Biotechnology, Medicine and Health & Wellness markets in order to increase the value of Innovest. The recent past and present has shown us that technology combined with health and medicine has revolutionized the way in which we live our lives and has improved our living condition for the individual and public health in general. Innovest Global seeks to synergize its expertise in marketing, sales and business development with leading and cutting-edge companies in biotechnology and medicine in order to deliver the world’s best healthcare and significant long-term financial growth for its shareholders.

We seek to target companies with growing operations or novel technologies in the medical and health and wellness markets, including but not limited to Digital Health, Medical Devices and Stem Cell Technology. We will grow this division through existing partnerships and networks within the private sector, National Institutes of Health, academic institutions, hospitals and incubators that have companies and/or products in the market and/or in the Research & Development phase about to enter markets. Innovest Global will provide the leadership and expertise to promote growth of these companies and continued success in the market place through resources and financial leadership. The partnerships will also support logistics for completions of R&D of new technology and competitive entry into market.

Translational Biotechnology

StemVax Therapeutics is a Translational Biotechnology Company that develops novel therapies for brain tumor patients. We focus our efforts on developing immunotherapeutic approaches to treating patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a devastating brain cancer. We also focus our research efforts on novel drug development to target cancer stem cells and other multi-resistant cancer cells. We seek to make a difference in patients' lives by bringing new beginnings to the market through development of novel therapeutics.

StemVax, LLC
2265 E Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Dr. Morris-Irvin

Dwain Morris-Irvin, PhD, MPH

President - Biotech & Health Services Division

Linked In - Dr. Dwain Morris-Irvin
Dr. Morris-Irvin is an active participant in many Biotechnology and Health Science endeavors, including patent generation in such areas as treatments for Parkinson’s, brain cancer, and even cosmetic application of advanced bioscience. He is also an expert in the physical operations of laboratories, and hospitals. He received his PhD from UCLA School of Medicine, and Masters in Public Health from UCLA School of Public Health, and trained at The Wallenberg Neuroscience Center at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. He was also a professor and faculty member at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery.

Dr. Morris-Irvin’s PhD is in Pharmacology and Developmental Neuroscience with an emphasis on neural stem cell fate and differentiation. His research focused on neural development and Notch Signaling in mammalian neural stem cells. He also worked as an NIH/NINDS Post-Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Anders Bjorklund laboratory in Lund, Sweden. There, his focus was on research projects that investigated the potential role of cell replacement therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease. They developed several protocols for the efficient generation of dopaminergic neurons from forebrain and ventral midbrain stem and progenitor cells.

Additionally, Dr. Morris-Irvin led research investigations in the role of adaptive immunity in Parkinson’s disease. He also developed two patents in the area of immunotherapy for brain tumor patients, specifically Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). His research team focused on molecular mechanisms that impart therapeutic resistance in cancer cells, including cancer stem cells. They utilized this data to develop novel immunotherapies for brain tumor patients.

Scientific Advisory Board

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The Biotech Division plans to bring together companies that are engaged in providing services and cutting-edge technology in Digital Health, medical devices and novel therapeutics, including immunotherapy and stem cell therapy. We seek to improve the wellbeing of people's lives. We will work together to bring new technologies to market, help increase the market size of companies that are already in the market, and increase the value and perceived value of our stock for shareholders.

Our Scientific Advisory Board will participate in identifying new partners for Innovest Global’s Biotech and Health Sciences Division. Together the Board brings expertise and proven success in the creative spirit of novel ideas to a product that benefits people’s lives.

Dr. Laina King

Dr. Laina King

Linked In - Dr. Laina King
Dr. Laina King is a management consultant, administrator, researcher, external grant reviewer and tenured professor with more than 15 years of administrative experience in the for-profit, not-for-profit, federal agency and academic environments. She obtained her doctoral and postdoctoral training at the University of Michigan, Harvard and the Coverdale Institute. Her past 5 years have been with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Food & Drug Administration (FDA/CDER & FDA/OEA) and National Institutes of Health Office of the NIH Director. Prior to these engagements, she was a senior administrator and Principal Investigator at Keystone Symposia on Molecular & Cellular Biology, Associate Academic Dean and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in a college of pharmacy and a tenured Professor of Management at an AACSB school of business. Significant academic appointments include being a voting Member of the AMA/AAMC Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), Commissioner at the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools and Steering Committee Member of the CDC Health Disparities Institute Development Group. Her research, national presentations and publications are in the areas of organizational behavior, advanced academic mentoring & positioning, graduate education training program implementation and operational management. She has authored numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters and has edited a three volume book series on managed care. Her consulting experience includes work with the Military District of Washington, Japan Consultant for the Department of Defense, American Council on Education and multiple health care professional credentialing agencies.
Dr. Andrew Norris

Dr. Andrew Norris

Linked In - Dr. Andrew Norris
Dr. Andrew Norris has a varied background in both business and the technology sector. He was co-founder of The Midvale Group LLC in 2002, consulting in both the technology and biotechnology sector. Dr. Norris has also co-founded BCN Biosciences in Pasadena CA (2005), which is a privately held biotechnology company whose principal focus is in the area of oncology drug development. Dr. Norris has been directly responsible for, or co-raised over $20M in funding for the technology and biotechnology sector. He currently serves as an officer/director at BCN Biosciences and also holds a research faculty position at the University of California Los Angeles Department of Neuropsychiatry. Dr. Norris received his PhD from UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology and Chemistry. His research focused on synthesizing molecular inhibitors against cancer cells. He also trained in the Surgical Oncology Department at UCLA focusing his research on novel drug discovery for breast cancer patients.
Dr. Malin Parmar

Dr. Malin Parmar

Linked In - Dr. Malin Parmar
Dr. Malin Parmar is a professor in cellular neuroscience at Lund University. Together with her lab she has shown in a series of high profile publications how human fibroblasts can be converted into neurons, how glial cells can be reprogrammed into neurons in vivo, and how functional dopamine neurons can be generated from human embryonic stem cells. She is the recipient of an ERC starting grant and an ERC Consolidator grant and was recently awarded a New York Stem Cell Foundation – Robertson investigator. Her research has a strong translational focus and she collaborates within European and International networks as well as Industry partners to develop new, cell-based therapies for Brain Repair with focus on Parkinson’s Disease.
Lachlan Thompson

Dr. Lachlan Thompson

Linked In - Lachlan Thompson
Associate Professor Dr. Lachlan Thompson is a Principal Research Fellow at the Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health. He heads a research program dedicated to regenerative approaches to repair of the central nervous system, with a special focus on the use of pluripotent stem cells for functional reconstruction of circuitry affected in Parkinson’s disease, stroke and motor neuron disease. He has contributed more than 50 research papers on this topic in leading journals including the Journal of Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Disease, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Brain and Cell Reports. Dr. Thompson is a partner investigator in the Australian government’s major Stem Cells initiative where he sits on the committee for clinical translation and commercialization and plays an active role in contributing to policy making on the regulation of experimental stem cell therapies. He also sits on the board of the Network for European CNS Transplantation and Repair and is president of the Asia-Pacific Association for Neural Transplantation and Repair. Dr Thompson brings a wealth of experience in cutting-edge technology driving pre-clinical research in regenerative approaches to brain repair and also in understanding of the regulatory frameworks governing clinical translation and commercialisation of stem cell therapies.