Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust Your Business or Technology With

Innovest’s family of companies are created specifically, or acquired purposefully to deliver on our mission. Most importantly, Innovest provides the sales and marketing influence that grows revenue. This means no outsourcing of any of the required elements for the success of building and delivering the products and services Innovest supports. Innovest’s foundation is our ability to successfully deploy industry transforming technology and marketing, with lower costs of customer acquisition.


Unified For Success

Business owners who want the best practices and liquidity that Innovest offers to make their dreams a reality; whether those dreams are taking sales to the next level, or getting top-dollar for a business they’ve put their heart and soul into, we have clear proposals to make those dreams a reality.


We Respect Our Teams, Technologies, and Communities

Our target B-C markets are the hottest current and highest growth markets today and in the foreseeable future, which make our cutting edge marketing and technology a prime opportunity to capture market share. Our B-B acquisition markets are at the lowest valuation points in decades due to their falling behind large multinational competitors in marketing savvy, lead generation and operational efficiency; similarly making now the perfect time for us to enter and capture revenue and value with our proprietary methods. 

Dan Martin

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Martin is an accomplished C-level executive with success driving results across a broad base of middle-market companies. He has earned a reputation for creating business models that are able to efficiently acquire customers while providing significant levels of compensation to independent distributors, for using technology to enhance results, and for efficiently managing efforts to be on time and cost effective. His primary expertise is understanding the needs of growing organizations, evaluating and defining the strategic objectives of a business, and communicating with stakeholders to successfully execute company objectives. Mr. Martin has led the initiative to generate both organic and acquisition based sales in upstart environments on multiple occasions.




About Us

A Group of Like Minded Individuals all Working Toward a Common Goal.


Innovest is a special place. An environment where our innovators, operators, employees, investors, and all those we interact with participate with greater levels of success, efficiency, and satisfaction.  We welcome all of the unique and valuable characteristics that build best practices. And we are experienced business operators with a history of success via both acquisition and organic growth.

The core tenets of our success are our technology, marketing, and sales expertise; all of which enable us to leverage those items within business units to achieve exceptional results. We have majority and minority stakes in diversified businesses with real demand for their products and services, and we are focused on the markets and opportunities we believe will best create value for our shareholders.

L. Michael Yukich

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Yukich has over thirty years of financial management experience in privately held companies, private companies which he has assisted in taking public, a public division that has gone private, and public companies including as a “C” level executive for a Fortune 500 company. He has had financial accountability for international operations in Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific Rim, in addition to domestically located organizations ranging in size from $25 million to $1.5 billion in revenues. He has been CFO for companies in both highly specialized areas, as well as a diversified holding company with over $150 million in revenue.

Mr. Yukich also served in the United States Navy on two warships (USS Shadwell LSD-15 and USS Inchon LPH-12).